7 things carnivores do differently

1 – Discuss. Carnivores talk about their food with a degree of reverence and awe and gratitude that demonstrates deep appreciation of the simple yet profoundly satisfying experience of eating fatty meat. It’s very different from the offhand attitude engendered by fast food. Another way in which carnivores discuss their food differently is that there is no competitive element, little or none of the humblebragging and smug virtue-signalling that you get in the social media posts from non-carnivores/ZCers. (Yes, there is the irony that this whole blog post might be construed as a huge humblebrag).

2 – Listen. As in, those who are militant about their food choices, those who are evangelical about their ways of eating, don’t seem to listen to what other people are saying. Carnivores/ZCers seem to be able to hear what others are saying even if they don’t agree.*

*Especially when what the others are saying is factually incorrect. Such as ‘early humans lived on lentils and beans, ‘ which I have just seen asserted!

3 – Repeat. When my way of eating is under scrutiny from a standard diet eater, I ALWAYS get, ‘but it must be boring just to eat meat every day. Don’t you get bored with it?’ I say things like, ‘Is drinking water every day boring? Do you get bored having a cup of tea every single morning of your life without fail? Do your children get bored of cereal and milk for every breakfast of their lives?’ No, no and no. And nor do I ever get bored of repeating meat eating. (In my carbivore days I couldn’t have eaten, say, pizza, twice a day for weeks at a time.)

4 – Chuckle. There seems to be a medical condition in those who prefer to eat solely from the plant kingdom by which their way of eating causes a pathological sense of humour leakage, leaving them unable to laugh at anything, let alone their ways of eating, or, heaven forbid, themselves. I have found an abundant sense of humour in my co-carnivores/ZCers (sometimes a little primitive for my sophisticated and elegant tastes, just kidding) including the vital capacity to laugh at oneself.

5 – Complain. My Facebook feed, fuelled by real friends, Facebook ‘friends’ and fellow members of various communities, is often filled with little but whinging and whining. (More irony – I am complaining about the complainers). This restaurant didn’t have enough vegan options. Unpleasant attitude towards vegans/vegetarians/dog owners/communists/whatever. Complain about Trump. Complain about Brexit. Weather too hot. Can’t get a decent cleaner. Got a parking ticket. Dog shit on the pavement. Complain, complain, complain. I just don’t get that from the members of the carnivore/ZC communities to which I belong. Which is refreshing.

6 – Shoving it down people’s throats.There’s an amusing (unintentionally) YouTube video of a militant vegan screaming into the camera, ‘Leave the f***ing animals the f*** alone! Leave them the f*** alone!’ That by itself raises a giggle, but the fact that he loses a tooth during his rant (please don’t tell me the whole thing was staged/fake news, but if it was I apologise for my naivety) because of his useless vegan gums makes it funnier. But imagine a carnivore screaming at the vegans, ‘Leave the poor defenceless plants the f*** alone!’ You’ll have to imagine it, because it’ll never happen. With carnivores, there’s never any sense of trying to impose an ideology onto people who aren’t interested. Live and let live.

7 – See. Clearly. Use logic. Base actions on evidence. Disregard propaganda. See through lies. Ignore arguments based on emotions. Distinguish, when it comes to nutrition, between shoddy, incompetent science and sensible science. Be aware that branches of the media have a ‘vegenda’ (= ‘vegan agenda’, not a malformed anatomical part).


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